PlateHero is a platform that connects community members with local, certified, and trained Home Chefs allowing them to monetize their delicious homemade food!

All of our Home Chefs are carefully vetted and must undergo a multi-step onboarding process in order to be approved onto the platform. This approval process includes a food safety training course and certificate of completion, along with a kitchen inspection. All of our Home Chefs follow strict food safety standards, in compliance with local regulations.

How does it work?

  1. Start by inputting your address or zip code on the homepage. Based on your location, you will see approved Home Chefs and dishes in your area.

  2. You can click on dishes that you like, to view details about the item, such as its description, price, portion details, main ingredients and allergens, and more. Add the item to your card, select your pickup or delivery date and time, and checkout! (click here for more info on how delivery works)

  3. You can use any credit card to pay for your order. All transactions on DishDivvy are fully secured by our payment processor, Stripe, and no credit card data is ever stored on PlateHero.

  4. Once you place your order, you will see your be taken to the transaction screen and chat with your Chef, don't worry, you don't need to text, but you are always free to ask for any dish favours or just to wish a nice day for a more personal experience:)

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