Yes! Nothing is more important to us than community health, and the safety of your food.

Since launching, PlateHero has always put food safety first. In addition to the safety protocols performed by other delivery platforms, we have always done the following:

  • Every chef on our platform is extensively vetted through a strict, multivariate food safety process.

  • Every chef on our platform is food safety certified and may receive additional training before joining PlateHero.

  • Every chef is subject to anonymous audits of their food preparation and packaging by food safety professionals on a weekly basis.

  • Every chef is provided ongoing food safety training to uphold the highest food safety standards in the industry.

  • Each listing on our platform is inspected by our trained food safety team before it is safely delivered to you.

  • Unmatched transparency, Home Chefs prepare your meals with the same level of care they have for their families and even above.

  • Ratings & feedback are another components our community thrives on, in the end, mouth-to-mouth is always the best way to verify if it's good!

Food safety is – and always will be – our #1 priority. We appreciate the support and loyalty you show to our incredible chefs every week, and we will continue to provide the safest possible service to you and your family. If your office is working from home or you’re planning to stay indoors, please let us take care of you with a safe and nutritious meal. If you have any questions, send us an email at [email protected].

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